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Chernobyl Night

Posted on March 8, 2011

In Chernobyl, the last thing you want to be doing is hiding from the authorities in the dark. And yet I somehow found myself doing just that, begging my heart to stop beating, wondering if this was some sort of awesome spy movie. I sure didn’t feel awesome. Earlier that evening, I stood by the bed pulling things out of my backpack. We were going for a stroll in town and some divine foresight was nudging me to bring just my camera and to leave my wallet and bag in the room. I threw the strap over my head, stuffed a few hryvnia in my pocket and joined my friends outside. Traveling lightly has its virtues. Chernobyl-town is one of those rare grownup places…

Ten Months Dreaming

Posted on December 1, 2010

Edited to add: SmugMug has let me post about how this was made.

I will never lose the impression Chernobyl has made on me, although this may be the last time I create something from that place. This one was particularly meaningful because each clip brought back memories, motions and snippets of conversation.

This project was so long in the making, I cannot quite reach back to think about how the idea began. Ten months dreaming, four days shooting, three weeks editing.

All distilled into three and a half little minutes.

I hope that those of you who weren’t there find this one as enjoyable as it is to those who were.


Posted on November 2, 2010

Say one word, “Chernobyl,” and you’ll get one of two polarized responses: Why? Wow. No matter what they say in public, nearly everyone has an interest about Chernobyl that they don’t want to admit. Morbid curiosity and a secret fascination to the radioactive wasteland, a town locked in time. Me, too. I let my breath out after the third (and last) checkpoint, thankful that our paperwork was all in order. Military personnel in the Exclusion Zone have a certain hard, cutting look to them that unmistakably marks them for what they are. Even if their drab camo uniform and badges were somehow overlooked. The trees really do obscure every surface and nature is slowly eating away at the ghost town of Pripyat. Through the…



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