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Posted on April 13, 2010

All my life I’ve been in love with mountains. As the trees surrender and the snow falls, my heart races just a little more. I first saw the rainbow-footed mountains in southern Germany when I was 27, and my life changed forever. Here, the mountains have a different face and a dangerous smile. As I breathe the frigid air, the world stretches for countless miles, completely silent. Nothing but the lonely click of a strange bird and the distant rush of the wind, mimicking interstate traffic. There are no lush green fields bursting with swathes of Alpine flowers, not here. The juniper trees shred their skin, twisting slowly, futilely towards the sky. Their heartwood burns with luscious sweet smoke, reminding me of the American…

Trace the Sky

Posted on July 8, 2009

Nothing in the world has ever been so unearthly. In the highest reaches of the Eastern Sierras, the desert lies so close to the sky. The air is so pure, but the beauty and lightness make the world dance with every step. It’s oxygen deprivation, the say, but early people believed it was a mindset of the gods. Certainly the heart-stopping views lend validity to either or both of these notions. Walking is a swish-swish of the feet, the sound replacing my breath that brings no release. It’s so quiet here. I’m on the moon, a moon with gnomish trees. As I climb, chips of alabaster marble skitter down the hills, caught by the bare bones of ancient wood. You wonder what lives up here: Moths,…



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