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Santa Barbara

Posted on May 1, 2009

Beautiful Santa Barbara! If all drives began so sweetly, glorious afternoon sunlight and warm promise on the southern horizon. I’d driven this road before, but not alone. Having the clarity of solitude was something that I was looking forward to quite a lot, although part of it was a bit intimidating. The road was twisty and turny, alternating busy and empty which was curious on a Friday. Echoes of familiarity blew across the mountains, and with a shock I realized that I was already out of urban territory. It hadn’t seemed nearly so short last fall, but time does warp with experience. Another stop in Soledad. The people here were still friendly, and still hinted that I was no longer in America. Onward, onward,…

See fairer

Posted on July 14, 2008

I’ve never thought much of water. For some reason, when I was a child I had no problems with the sea. I kept close to the sand but I would find the waves so playful and risky – you’d never know exactly hard they would hit your ankles and if your pants would get wet! I would love to stand in the wet sand and be hit by wave after wave, thoroughly enjoying the sinking feeling as the water shifted the coarse sand between my toes. The older I got, the more forbidding the ocean became. The waves became reaching hands, the cooling color the hue of cold, breathless eternity. Beachcombing treasures gradually became chemically saturated junk – either invertebrate carcasses or careless trash.…

Lost & Found

Posted on June 14, 2007

So while my DH was playing with his new toy, he borrowed my spare CF card and said, “Hey I think you’ve got more photos on here from Utah.” My response? !!!!!!! So I uploaded them and saw that they were what I call The Andy Experiment. Sometime along the course of the trip Andy had suggested taking a bunch of random shots without looking through the viewfinder and just let CS3 stitch them together. After a couple of tries (and changing parameters — whee fun with 10 RAW images merging on a G4 Powerbook) I got something presentable! This ain’t no David Hockney Pear Blossom Highway #2 (which, by the way, is a heck of a lot more impressive in real life than…



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